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Your Russian Gel Manicure Guide - Prepared by Nails Plus

Russian Gel Manicure

Are you a nail technician curious about the newest gel nail color collections? Want to learn how to do a Russian gel manicure (also known as an e file)? Need tips on how to use the latest nail tools using the greatest attention to detail and nail care techniques? Nails Plus has you covered.

One of the things we’re most proud of at Nails Plus is our commitment to education. Our staff and clients are always seeking to learn new nail skills and nail industry trends. We meet that need with the best in nail education, including in-store demos from nail educators at top nail brands, like Mia Secret.

Earlier this year, Gabriela Torres, a Mia Secret Gold Educator, visited our store to demonstrate a Russian manicure.

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What Is a Russian Manicure?

Also called an e file (electric file) manicure or a dry manicure, a Russian manicure is a manicure that doesn’t use water. Commonly, your nail technician will soak your hands in a dish of warm water to soften dry skin, making it easier to push back and trim the cuticles. In a Russian manicure, the cuticle is trimmed away using electric nail file bits. It’s important to note that some nail techs and skin experts warn against removing the cuticle, due to the risk of infection and general poor nail health. If you decide to try a Russian gel manicure, be sure you go to an experienced nail tech who uses clean, high-quality instruments.

Another difference between Russian gel manicures and a traditional gel manicure is the Russian manicure’s use of a rubber base and top coat. A rubber base is more pliable and will flex along with the natural nail, which can be beneficial for people with brittle nails. In general, Russian manicures tend to offer a more personalized approach, as the nail tech will select products and shapes that are ideal for each client’s needs.

What Supplies Do You Need for a Russian Manicure?

Mia Secret Russian Dry Manicure Drill Bits

As Gaby Torres demonstrated in the Mia Secret demo at our store, you’ll need a special set of products for a Russian gel manicure. Based on her advice, we put together a shopping list for you. You will need:

How Do You Do a Russian Gel Manicure?

The Russian manicure is a multi-step nail process. Here’s how to do it:

First, clean the nail bed and remove old nail polish using an electric drill. In this style of manicure, water is not used to clean the nail beds.

Second, trim away the cuticle using a special electric drill bit. This step must be done carefully to preserve the integrity of the skin around the cuticle and prevent infection. Don’t try this step on your own without in-person instruction from a skilled nail professional.

Third, polish the nail bed to prepare it for the base coat. Then, file the nail to the client’s desired shape.

Fourth, apply the gel polish. First, apply the rubber base coat, then apply the gel color, and finally, apply a thin coat gel top coat. Cure the nail with an LED lamp between each coat.

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