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Here’s What’s New with Aprés Gel-X

Here’s What’s New with Aprés Gel-X

New developments in neutral colors are coming your way, nail artists! The flashy trends of summer are fun, but with fall on the way it’s nice to find some more classic options for you and your clients’ nails. For autumn, neutrals are always a win. They’re classy and chic with just a touch of romance. Plus, they go with everything.

This fall’s most stylish neutrals for nails are coming at you straight from one of our favorite suppliers: Aprés Gel-X. We love this soft gel alternative to classic acrylic nails, and we’re very excited about their new neutral collection. Keep reading for all the details!

Aprés Gel-X: The Brand & System

Aprés Gel-X comes from California, and the nail industry has taken quite a shine to their products. As the pioneer of soft gel nail extensions, their alternative to regular acrylic nails, Aprés prides themselves on “creating standards, not trends.”

The Aprés Gel-X system is easy to apply and remove. By using this system, nail techs can avoid the filing, dust, and odor associated with acrylic nails or hard gel extensions. Also, because Aprés nail tips are made of gels they are not brittle like acrylic, making them much more durable.

The Gel-X nail tip is simply applied directly to the natural nail with Extend Gel (instead of glue). To remove, just soak off the Gel-X tip with acetone. This is a great option for clients who are concerned about the health and look of their natural nails.

Aprés Gel-X Neutrals

Aprés Gel-X Neutrals are even easier than the regular Gel-X System, because they’re infused with pigment. In other words, the color has already been applied to the tip before you apply it to the nail! The colors are meant to mimic the color of the natural nail bed, so they come in a variety of shades to match a variety of skin tones.

Aprés Gel-X Neutrals: Style & Color Option

There are four different neutrals to choose from in this Aprés-X collection, ranging from light peach to a deep mauve. Each different shade has its own name: Alex, Mia, Lila, or Maisie.

The tips in the neutral collection come in all the same shapes and sizes as the regular Gel-X system. So, each neutral shade is available in short, medium, or long lengths. Shape options include natural and sculpted square, natural and sculpted coffin, natural round, and natural stiletto. Just scroll through the collection on our website to see all the options!

How to Apply Aprés Gel-X Neutrals

The most important thing to know about applying the Aprés Gel-X System is that it’s a much more user-friendly process than traditional acrylic nail application. Head to our January 2022 blog for a detailed description of how to apply Gel-X. When applying Gel-X Neutrals, just remember that Gel-X Neutral tips have pigment infused into the gel so they do require a longer cure—30 sec for a flash cure and 60 sec for a full cure.

This new set of color-infused neutrals is really a revolution in the nail world. Clients can wear them as-is, or you can use the Gel-X tip as a palette for beautiful nail art. These neutrals truly create a “My Nails But Better” look and feel for you and your clients!

Now that you’re up to date on the newest nail products on the market, we’d love to hear your questions and thoughts on Nails Plus products! Have more questions about Aprés Gel-X or other nail systems? Get in touch! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

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