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The Very Best Electric Nail File

The Very Best Electric Nail File

Whether you’re a seasoned nail tech or just starting out in the nail industry, a good electric nail file is essential to your success. This small, handheld drill is needed in just about every nail process your clients are seeking, from dipped nails to gel color to acrylic. Filed nails are a key part of the process!

As is the case with many products in the nail industry, though, not all e-files are created equal. So, how can you be sure you’re getting the right brand of electric nail file? Trust the experts. In today’s blog, we share a review of an electric nail file brand that nail techs swear by.

What’s the best brand of electric nail files?

Based on our own experience and the reviews of our most experienced clients, the most effective and trustworthy electric nail file on the market today is made by Kupa. The Kupa ManiPro Passport, the company’s signature drill, is an essential piece of the nail artist’s toolkit. For the best filed nails—whether you’re working in gel, acrylic, or dip—come from Kupa.

What’s the story behind the Kupa brand?

Kupa was founded in 1984 by Robert Upshaw and Kito Ochi. In fact, KUPA stands for Kito, Upsjhaw, and Associates. And here’s another fun fact: these two founders started out in the dental industry! It was their knowledge of dental products and dental drills that inspired and informed their first electric nail files. Eventually, their nail drills helped to revolutionize the young but growing nail industry. Nail technicians, who once had to adopt products from the dental profession to use on their client's nails, now had access to products designed especially for their expertise.

What’s so special about Kupa electric nail files?

Kito and Upshaw pushed the nail industry forward with products that changed the way nail techs approached their work. Aside from their incredible innovation, this company is also known for making products with several other desirable characteristics:

Kupa Electric Nail Files are Dependable

In general, Kupa electric nail files are more dependable than other brands. These drills use superior-grade carbide bits, come with an acetone-resistant finish, and feature reliable & ultra-smooth motors.

Kupa Electric Nail Files Can Be Repaired

If you’ve ever googled “repair electric nail files near me” then you know the pain of having an electric nail file that quits on you. For experts in the nail industry, going without an e-file just isn’t an option. The ease with which one can repair a Kupa drill is one of the company’s best features. Unlike other e-file brands, pretty much every part of a Kupa drill can be repaired or replaced. Kupa keeps their distributors supplied with parts so that Kupa drills can be repaired quickly and easily. As an authorized Kupa drill repair center, we have clients bring in Kupa drills they’ve been using for over ten years! Now that’s a good investment!

Kupa Caters to Every Level of Nail Technician

Kupa carries a range of electric nail files, making it possible for nail techs to find just the right handpiece, no matter where they are in their nail artistry journey. Kupa also cares enough about their nail tech clients to provide unparalleled customer service. When you call Kupa with a question, a real person answers the phone (rare these days!). And if your drill isn’t working properly, they’ll send you to an authorized repair center like Nails Plus. This is much better than sending your nail drill off in the mail and then waiting several weeks to get it back again. No nail tech wants to be without their electric nail file for more than a day or two!

How do I care for my electric nail file?

While Kupa drills are the most reliable electric nail files on the market, nail techs do need to properly care for them to extend their lives. Caring for your electric nail file is easy, though—it just requires a bit of daily maintenance and the knowledge of where to take it should you need a repair.

We hope this blog helped you make a decision about which electric nail file top purchase. Have more questions about electric nail files and other nail tech accessories? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

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