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Choosing the Right LED Lamp for Perfect Nails

Choosing the Right LED Lamp for Perfect Nails

This blog is for nail techs who aren’t sure which LED lamp to use, or for those nail techs who think that the type of LED lamp you use doesn’t matter. Trust us, it does! In fact, high quality LED lamps are extremely important in curing gel nail polish and gel nail tips. People tend to think that hotter lamps are more effective, but that’s not necessarily true. More important than the heat output of the lamp is the placement of the bulbs, the shape of the lamp, and the manufacturer. At Nails Plus, we are passionate about using our nails supply store to connect nail artists with high-quality tools that will help them succeed. Whether you’re investing in an electric nail file, gel nail tips systems, or LED lamps, we want you to feel good about the products you’re investing in.

The Best LED Lamps

In this blog, we share three of the finest LED lamps on the market, all available at our online nails supply store. We chose these lamps based on bulb placement, shape, manufacturer, and overall performance with gel nail polish and gel nail tips.

NotPolish Luxe Pro Lamp

First on our list is the The NotPolish Luxe Pro Lamp. This new release by NotPolish is particularly exciting because of its long shape. As the current gel nail tips trends favor long nails and custom designs, many nail techs struggle to find an LED lamp deep enough to cure the full length of the nail. NotPolish has strategically placed bulbs in certain areas of the lamp so that every side of every nail will properly cure. Revolutionary!

Gel II 7D LED Lamp

The Gel II 7D LED Lamp has been popular for many many years in the nail industry. It is arguably one of the best lamps due to its durability and longevity. Although this Gel II lamp is 36 watts (compared to 110 watts on the NotPolish LuxePro), it still cures most nails evenly. This is a popular item with experienced nail techs who visit our nails supply store.

Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Vol. II LED Lamp

The final lamp in our round-up of the very best LED lamps for gel color and gel nail tips is the Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Vol. II LED Lamp. Like the NotPolish option, the Kiara Sky lamp also offers the long shape nail techs are looking for. Like the NotPolish & Gel II lamps, this one also has a removable bottom plate for easy cleaning. For nail techs who care about salon aesthetics, the Kiara Sky LED lamp is the prettiest of the bunch!

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