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What’s the Secret Behind Honey Phan Nails?

What’s the Secret Behind Honey Phan Nails?

Nails Plus is thrilled by the success of our recent in-person demos by top nail brands at our brick-and-mortar location in Richardson, Texas. Picture this: top nail brands showcasing their latest innovations, paired with the expertise of highly skilled nail artists ready to share their trade secrets. It's not just about products; it's an immersive experience designed to elevate your nail game.

This month, we opened our doors to the Honey's Nail Secret, offering our customers inspiration and the opportunity to connect with the best in the business. At Nails Plus, you can experience nail artistry firsthand and embark on a journey of nail perfection.

Hundreds of people showed up for the event. Keep reading to hear more about this event, and what we learned from Honey Phan Nails.

Demo of Honey's Nail Secrets

Our Nail Expertise

Why should you trust advice and recommendations from Nails Plus? Here are a few reasons: :

  • We’re a family-owned company of nail and beauty experts with decades of experience building a customer-first experience with nails, nail products, and nail education. We test each product that comes through our doors, and we stand behind the quality of each product we sell online and on our sales floor. We are authorized distributors for several top nail brands, including Aprés Nail, Kiara Sky, and NotPolish.
  • Our focus on education puts us a step above our competition. We are deeply committed to providing resources to new and experienced nail professionals through our educational blog and in-store demos. We stay up to date with nail industry news by educating ourselves on new products and attending the top nail trade shows.
  • Our reviews speak for themselves. We have a 4.9 rating on Google with hundreds of five-star reviews citing our strong customer service.

What is Honey’s Nail Secret?

Honey’s Nail Secret is a high-quality nail brand started by nail artist and educator Honey Phan. Phan is not only an exceptional nail artist, she’s also a savvy entrepreneur. Even though Honey’s Nail Secret is a relatively new company, the brand has exploded in popularity. Phan’s nail illustrations—and the signature products she uses to create them—are hugely influential and game-changing for nail techs around the country.

What’s special about the Honey’s Nail Secret Brand?

Here are few things we love about the Honey’s Nail Secret brand:

  • It’s a women-owned and led brand, and we love supporting female entrepreneurship.
  • The brand’s focus on nail artistry has inspired and encouraged nail techs to take their skills to the next level.
  • They offer a diverse array of top-quality products, including an acrylic system, a dipping system, and beautiful gel colors.
  • Because the products were developed by nail artists, they’re engineered to deliver on the things nail artists want the most: ease of application, precision, and durability.

What products did Honey Phan use in her demo?

We were thrilled to welcome Honey Phan to our store, and plenty of fans showed up to greet her. She spent the day educating all of us on her products. Here are a few of the highlights:

Honey’s Nail Secret Dipping Powder

Honey Phan Nail Dipping Powder is a crowd favorite at Nails Plus. These powders are easy to apply and control during the application process, and they work for both acrylic and dipped nails. Each nail dipping powder also has a matching gel and lacquer.

Honey’s Nail Secret Pro Color Gel and Lacquer Sets

Honey’s Nail Secrets’ matching Pro Color Gel and Lacquer sets deliver bold, vibrant colors with a rich, lasting finish. We love the sophistication in this line of colors.

Honey’s Nail Secret Gel Paint

These gel paints in white, black, gold, and silver are truly the stuff nail artist dreams are made of. If you want to create precise designs, these gel paints (used with Honey Phan Gel Liner) are the ticket.

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