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Nail Art Brushes by Kiara Sky at Nails Plus

Nail Art Brushes by Kiara Sky at Nails Plus

With the right tools—like Kiara Sky nail art brushes—an accomplished nail artist can take a beautiful manicure to a whole new level. Whether your design is floral, geometric, or holiday-themed, you need high quality tools that deliver precise results. After all, an acrylic or gel nail is a tiny canvas.

In today’s blog, we share some of the best nail art brushes, by Kiara Sky and other top nail brands, as well as another nail art product you won’t be able to live without. Whether you’re an experienced or beginning nail artist, great tools mean great results.

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What is nail art?

Nail art is the creative practice of embellishing nails with paint, polish, rhinestones, and other materials. Nail art can include 3D designs, glitter, charms, mirror-like finishes, and more.

Nail artists must first become qualified nail technicians. From there, they can practice nail artistry, either on their own or through continuing education programs.

Which brushes are the best for creating nail art?

Nail art brushes are different from the nail brushes you use to apply products, like acrylic or gel, to the nails. Product application brushes are generally thicker and wider than nail art brushes. Nail art brushes come in a variety of styles. For example, liner brushes are used to create fine lines and details. Square nail art brushes can be helpful for marbling. In general, nail art brushes are smaller and more delicate than product application brushes.

Here are some of our favorite nail art brushes:

Kiara Sky Nail Art Brushes

We love Kiara Sky nail art brushes for their sleek functionality and their soft, high-quality bristles. The iridescent crystal-cut handles also make them very popular among nail artists. The Kiara Sky Nail Art Brush Set has every kind of nail art brush you’ll ever need: three sizes of liner brushes, two sizes of flat brushes, two sizes of round brushes, and a special 3D art brush!

Two Guys Nail Art Brushes

These nail art brushes have a special, dual-head design (two brushes in one!). We also love the elegant, rose gold design. Two Guys nail art brushes are beautiful tools that help you create beautiful designs!

NotPolish Nail Art Brushes

We love NotPolish nail art brushes because of their tried-and-true ability to create beautiful, fine lines. These brushes are also sleek and attractive, with a dual-head design. Try the truly innovative NotPolish Gel Striper set for a set of gel colors with built-in fine-point nail art brushes in every bottle.

Try Kiara Sky Gel Pods with Your New Nail Art Brushes

These richly pigmented gel pods by Kiara Sky are the paint palette every nail artist needs. They have excellent viscosity and deliver vivid color. This set of 12 Kiara Sky gel pods is a ready-to-go paint palette.

If you have questions about any of these products, or are just getting started as a nail artist, stop by our store or get in touch with questions! Here’s what a recent nail artist, Emily C., had to say about customer service: “Best experience in a store I’ve had since starting to learn to do nail art! Miss Kim and her team are so kind and knowledgeable with the best advice to help your skills grow!”

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