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The Best Tools for Rhinestone Nail Art

The Best Tools for Rhinestone Nail Art

Ready to add a little drama to your manicure? Try rhinestone nail art! Whether you’re using just a few rhinestones as a sparkly accent to your nail designs, or creating a dazzle-effect by adding bling to each of your nails, the tools you use matter for your nail art.

Today’s nail gel glues are sophisticated enough to build sturdy manicures that are also beautiful. In today’s blog, learn tips and tricks for creating the perfect rhinestone-studded set. We’ll also share our five favorite nail gel glues for rhinestone nail art, by brands like V Beauty Pure and Mia Secret.

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What is rhinestone nail art?

The work of nail artists goes beyond simple manicures and pedicures. Instead, they use the nail as a palette for creative expression. Creative nail artists use a variety of tools, from gel liner pens to pixie crystals and more, to adorn nails.

Nail rhinestones are crystal-like, decorative gems typically made out of plastic resin or, in some cases, glass. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors and are used to embellish the nails.

What are the best tools for rhinestone nail art?

To successfully use nail rhinestones in a manicure, it’s important to use high-quality products. Good nail gel glue will lengthen the duration of a rhinestone nail art manicure, and will also make the rhinestone application process easier.

V Beauty Pure Diamond Gel

Nail Gel Glue: Our Five Favorite Brands

We’ve tested dozens of nail gel glues, which are created for the purpose of attaching rhinestones, charms, and other nail art accessories to nails. Here are the top five nail gel glues we recommend:

  • V Beauty Pure’s Diamond Gel: Just a bit of this extra-thick, tack-free nail gel glue goes a long way! Cure for 60 seconds and get strong adhesion for up to three weeks!
  • Two Guys Crystal Glue Gel: A no-wipe top coat with excellent adhesion capability. Popular with nail artists!
  • Mia Secret Clear Nail Gel Resin: A non-yellowing formula with extra-strong adhesion power. Use with the Mia Secret Nail Gel Resin Activator Spray for even stronger adhesion and a faster dry time.
  • Gotti Nails LED Super Glue: Another favorite with nail artists, Gotti Super Glue helps crystals and rhinestones to adhere quickly and stay on for a long time.
  • Cre8tion Stick-On Nail Jewelry Adhesive Gel: A strong adhesive that’s easy to use and powerful enough for larger crystals and charms.

Rhinestones for Nail Art

You can’t create rhinestone nail art without rhinestones. Our favorite choices are this wheel of crystal rhinestones which has twelve different shapes of crystal rhinestone, inducing round, teardrop, and diamond. If you want to add some color to your nail art, try this wheel of multi-color nail crystals, featuring sparkly blues, pinks, golds, and greens for a variety of color schemes.

Tips and Tricks for Rhinestone Nail Art

Here are a few tips and tricks nails artists use to create beautiful, long-lasting rhinestone nail art:

1. Take your time choosing the right color, size, and shape for your rhinestone nail art. Apply a cluster of gems to a single nail for a chic, modern look. Or coat each nail with rhinestones for a more daring look. The artistic possibilities are endless.

2. Proper preparation of the nail is important. Don’t expose the nail to water before or after application. While some moisture on the nails after application is inevitable, limit exposure to water for a longer-lasting rhinestone manicure.

3. Before applying rhinestones to your nails, be sure the gel polish top coat is properly cured and completely dry. The rhinestones themselves don’t need a top coat, as it could dull their shine.

4. To prevent the rhinestones from chipping off your nails, place them closer to the cuticle or the center of the nail.

5. When applying rhinestones to the nails, apply the glue to the back of the rhinestone, and not to the nail itself. This allows for a more precise application.

At Nails Plus, we love testing nail art products and sharing our favorites with customers. Want more ideas for great nail art? Get in touch. We love talking about nails + beauty!

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