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Matte Gel Top Coat for Winter Nails

Matte Gel Top Coat for Winter Nails

Seasonal trends change from year to year, but there are some tried-and-true beauty traditions that withstand the test of time. For example, summer is a popular time for shiny, bright colors—neons, glow-in-the-dark, and glitter. Fall and winter, on the other hand, are perfect for more subdued shades—earth tones, neutrals, and classic matte finishes.

In today’s blog, we share a popular trend for Fall & Winter 2022: the matte gel top coats by Valentino, NotPolish, Two Guys, and other top nail companies. Keep reading for all the details.

What is matte gel top coat?

All gel nail polishes require a gel top coat. A gel top coat, when properly cured under an LED lamp, will protect the natural nail and will help the gel nail color last longer. Gel top coats usually create a shiny finish. Using a matte gel top coat offers the same protection of the nail & nail color, but with a shine-free finish. Matte is a unique look that goes especially well with fall’s more subdued color palette, perfect for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays.

How do I use matte gel top coat?

There’s a simple method for applying & removing matte gel top coat, whether you’re using Valentino, NotPolish, or another gel polish brand. Here’s how to do it:

1. Prep your nails as you usually would, filing and cleaning the nail's surface to remove any excess oils.

2. Apply base coat and cure for 30 seconds under an LED nail lamp.

3. Apply the first coat of gel polish and cure for 30 seconds. Repeat.

4. Apply your matte gel top coat and cure for 30 seconds. Your matte manicure will last for 2-4 weeks!

5. To remove the matte gel top coat, gently file down the top coat.

6. Then, soak a cotton pad with acetone and wrap it around each nail, covering the pad with tin foil. Let the nails soak for 10 minutes. Or use gel remover from Mini Mani Moo.

7. Finally, use an orangewood stick or cuticle pusher to remove the softened gel.

Which matte gel top coat should I use?

There are several matte gel top coats on the market. Here are our top five:

Supreme Matte by Two Guys: Easy on, easy off, and created by one of our favorite nail product companies, this matte top coat is a winner!

Non-Wipe Matte Top Coat by Valentino Beauty Pure: This non-sticky, durable nail protector is a safe bet for color protection.

Matte-It Top Coat by NotPolish: A protective, trendy matte finish from a trusted brand. Goes on smooth and effectively protects gel color.

Matte Top Coat by Aprés: Velvety soft & smooth finish, this matte gel top coat is perfectly formulated to go on without leaving a milky or yellow film.

Matte Gel Top Coat by Kupa: Ditch the shine and embrace the subtle beauty of matte with this high-quality top coat by Kupa.

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