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Use Gel-X Prep & Stop Filing Your Nail Tips

Use Gel-X Prep & Stop Filing Your Nail Tips

At Nails Plus, our customers—whether at-home nail experts or salon owners—rely on us for their nail art needs. As such, wholesale nail tips and the products that go with them are a big part of our business. So, we make it our business to stay up to date on products that make acrylic & gel nail application easy and effective for our customers. The product we’re sharing in today’s blog will completely eliminate a tedious step in your nail tip application process.

The Aprés Gel-X Prep Acid Free Tip Primer ensures maximum adhesion of the nail tip to the natural nail without the added effort of filing or etching the inside of the nail tip. For nail artists like you, that’s great news! And as you may remember from our previous blog on the Gel-X Nail Extension Kit, Aprés Nail is a trusted company known for innovation and high standards.

What is Nail Tip Primer?

If you’ve been purchasing wholesale nail tips, you’ve likely filed your share of nail tips in preparation for adhering them to the client’s natural nail. Now, with Aprés Gel-X Prep Acid Free Tip Primer, you can stop filing altogether. Instead, simply swipe or dab the inside of the nail tip with this product and the tip will be chemically “etched” and ready for the next step in the process. No more tedious filing, no more dust, no more extra clean-up!

In addition to prepping the underside of the nail, this product will also work to prepare the surface of the nail tip after the tip has been applied to the nail, texturizing the surface to create the perfect base for color application. This single product makes the entire process so much easier.

Can I Find Nail Tip Primer at a Beauty Supply Store Near Me?

If you live in the Dallas area of Texas, we’re happy to report that Nails Plus is your beauty supply store! But even if you live on the other side of the country, all of our products are available to you online. Order straight from our website and have your favorite nail products delivered straight to your front door or the front door of your salon. Whether you’re looking for wholesale nail tips, new gel & acrylic colors, or innovative products like Gel-X Prep, we’ve got all your nail needs covered.

So, before you start shopping, here are a few of our top products by Aprés, creator of Gel-X Prep:

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