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Try These New Dust Collectors for a Clean Workspace

Try These New Dust Collectors for a Clean Workspace

For professional nail techs and nail artists, dust collector systems are an essential tool. A clean and tidy manicure table communicates professionalism and safety to your customers. But even more importantly, a dust-free workspace is safer and more hygienic for nail techs themselves.

In this article, our nail team has shared the best dust collector systems for your nail salon or nail area: a Valentino dust collector and a Kiara Sky dust collector. Here are quick links to our top picks:

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What is a dust collector system?

A nail dust collector system helps to remove and minimize the build-up of nail dust in your salon or at your personal manicure table. When you remove gel nail polish, acrylic nails, dipping powder, and nail extensions, a good deal of dust is created. Often, this dust carries residual chemicals or even spores from fungal infections. A dust collector system collects the dust before it builds up, and stores it for easy and hygienic disposal.

Do I need a nail dust collector system?

For nail enthusiasts doing their own nails at home, a dust collector may not be necessary. But for salon owners, professional nail techs, and nail artists who are completing several manicures and pedicures each day, a nail dust collector system is a necessary tool. By minimizing dust in your work environment, you’re likely reducing your risk of respiratory illness. You’re also communicating to your customer that you care about the cleanliness and air quality in your salon.

Which nail dust collector system should I use?

Our top two recommendations—based on effectiveness, ease of use, and appearance—are a Valentino dust collector and a Kiara Sky dust collector, specifically the Valentino Gen 5 and the Kiara Sky Beyond Pro.

Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Nail Dust Collector

We appreciate this Kiara Sky dust collector for its powerful motor and effective suction. It also has a new double filtration system with a reusable HEPA-certified inner filter that captures extra-fine dust particles. The outer case of this dust collector is durable and acetone-resistant.

This dust collector does a great job of keeping your nail station clean. It's an added bonus that the Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Nail Dust Collector has a beautiful design in four colors—an elegant white plus three pastels (pink, blue, and purple).

Valentino Beauty Pure Gen 5 Nail Dust Collector

We picked this Valentino dust collector as a favorite because of its sleek, lightweight design and its powerful but quiet motor. The ergonomic design makes the manicure experience more pleasant for both the nail tech and the customer. This dust collector features an activated charcoal filter, an adjustable fan, and an acetone-resistant outer case.

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