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Check Out This Trend in Nail Cosmetics

Check Out This Trend in Nail Cosmetics

Nails Plus pays close attention to nail industry trends and innovations. We want our customers to know what's new in nail cosmetics so they can stay on top of their game and give clients what they want. To accomplish this, we stay in close contact with top nail brands and monitor the social channels of nail influencers and celebrities. The most recent celebrity to make a splash in the nail world is Haley Beieber, who gave a shout-out to her go-to nail style: white pearl chrome nails. Well, as you may have already heard, white pearl chrome nails are now a huge hit. In today’s blog, we tell you how to recreate this trend at home or for your salon clients.

What are chrome nails?

The look Haley Bieber loves is a nail art effect created by adding chrome powder on top of cured gel nails. Chrome, a high-shine innovation in nail cosmetics, is not actually a nail polish at all. Rather, it’s a glittery powder that’s buffed into the nail (on top of gel color). The resulting nail design will have a mirror finish. Pretty cool!

How do I recreate the white pearl chrome trend?

To recreate the white pearl chrome trend, either at home or for your nail salon clients, you’ll need to gather a few products:

All of our nail cosmetics, including gel nail colors and chrome powders, are available in individual bottles, for use by our at-home customers and budding nail techs. For our salon owner friends, wholesale gel nail color and chrome powders are also available. And since this white pearl chrome trend is so popular, you might want to invest in a whole truck load of this chrome powder (we’re certainly considering it!).

Once the nails are prepped and your products are all ready to go, begin the regular gel application process. Start with a gel base coat, then apply the gel nail color, curing after every application. Then, use an eyeshadow stick or silicone brush to pick up a small amount of the white pearl chrome powder and apply it to the nail, buffing the nail’s service until the powder turns shiny and reflective. Keep adding chrome powder and buffing the nail until the entire nail is shiny and reflective. Finally, apply a top coat and cure.

Voila! You’ve just recreated the wildly popular white pearl chrome nail trend! Now, go enjoy those Haley-inspired nails!

Where should I wear white pearl chrome nails?

Anywhere and everywhere! Haley Beieber calls this her go-to look in nail cosmetics, and we can see why. This classic, pearlescent finish pairs perfectly with everything from evening wear to jeans & a leather jacket. It’s completely versatile, which means you can sport these nails on the tennis court or on the red carpet!

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