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Odor-Free Manicures with NotPolish Neutralizer

Odor-Free Manicures with NotPolish Neutralizer

For those of you who have worn stilettos, plucked your eyebrows, or grimaced your way through a bikini wax, the idea that we have to suffer for beauty might ring true. But when it comes to achieving a beautiful manicure, you might not have to suffer through the harsh, unpleasant odor of acrylic monomer—at least, not anymore.

In today’s blog, we’re sharing an innovative product that helps you create a beautiful manicure without suffering through harsh, unpleasant odors caused by acrylic monomer: NotPolish Neutralizer. Keep reading to learn more about this simple tool for adding a fresh, clean scent to your acrylic nail experience.

What is Acrylic Monomer?

Acrylic Monomer, often called liquid monomer or just monomer, is one part of the acrylic nail application process. This liquid consists primarily of ethyl methacrylate (EMA). As “mono” means “one” and “mer” means “unit,” the name literally means “one unit.” Essentially, liquid monomer is a simple molecule that serves as the base, or building block, for the polymers in acrylic dipping powder.

While EMA works like a charm for creating strong, beautiful acrylic nails, it unfortunately doesn’t smell great. For a long time, nail techs and their clients accepted this odor as a necessary part of the acrylic nail process. But it doesn’t have to be! While you can’t get rid of the acrylic monomer if you want acrylic nails, you can neutralize its odor with just a few drops of NotPolish Neutralizer.

What is NotPolish Neutralizer?

The NotPolish Brand

Before we share the details on this game-changing product, we want to share a little bit about the company that makes it. NotPolish—found throughout the NailsPlus online & brick & mortar stores—prides itself on providing USA-made, less toxic products that lead the way in nail design. Their commitment to quality control always extends to their team, which is staffed with highly experienced nail artists. We love NotPolish for their acrylic nail products—from dipping powders to brushes. We also love their impressive variety of colors & styles—from neon pink to vibrant glow-in-the-dark yellow!

NotPolish Neutralizer

The highly innovative NotPolish Neutralizer not only eliminates the strong smell of acrylic monomer, it also leaves behind a subtle peach aroma. The result is a more pleasant experience (and fewer headaches!) for nail pros and nail enthusiasts.

To use NotPolish Neutralizer, just add a couple of drops to the acrylic monomer in your dappen dish. The amount you use will vary depending on how much monomer is in your dish. Simply adjust the number of drops until the smell of the acrylic monomer is gone (or more tolerable).

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