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Meet Our Favorite Nail Prep Products

Meet Our Favorite Nail Prep Products

If you read our blog, you know that our secret for perfect acrylic nails is all in the prep. No matter how many nail polish tutorials you watch on YouTube, you won’t get that perfect set of acrylic nails until you learn about techniques and products to properly prepare the nail for acrylic or gel nail polish.

Thankfully, as a wholesale beauty supply store, we have access to all the very best nail prep products. And we try them all so you don’t have to! Right now, our favorite products for expert acrylic and gel nail prep are both created by Young Nails: Protein Bond (an acrylic and/or gel primer) and Swipe (a nail cleanser).

In today’s blog, we’ll dig into these great products, but first a little bit about the company that makes them.

About the Company: Young Nails

Founded by two brothers, Greg & Habib Salo, this California-based company exports to over 40 countries worldwide and is sold in thousands of stores across America. Known for product innovation, the leaders of this company are big on providing education and honing their craft. And here’s the sweetest part of the Young Nails story: these two brothers credit their “fearless and unconventional” mother, Young Salo, with the vision and entrepreneurial spirit behind the company. We sure do love a story about successful family-owned businesses, and this is a beautiful one!

About the Nail Prep Products

Young Nails Protein Bond

The highly rated Protein Bond is one of the very best non-acidic adhesion products available. It works without corrosive primers, instead using a proprietary polymer that bonds to the nail’s keratin structure, creating a sticker surface on the natural nail. This creates a solid anchor for acrylic and gel polish. At Nails Plus, we have truly seen this product work like magic for anyone who has trouble with lifting. Whether you’re a nail tech pro or just learning how to do acrylic nails, this nail prep product is a must.

Here’s how to use it:

  • First, remove shine from the nails with a buffer or file.
  • Cleanse the nails using Swipe (not water!).
  • Apply two coats of Protein Bond to all ten nails before applying acrylic or gel polish.
  • Say goodbye to lifting and hello to a gorgeous set of nails!

Young Nails Swipe

Swipe is the Young Nails answer to the often-used but highly problematic practice of using water to cleanse the hands and nails during the nail prep process. We’ve seen this advice offered in nail polish tutorials, and it’s simply not correct. When clients wash their hands in between the steps of the manicure process, water can penetrate the nail surface and expand the nail, causing lifting later on, after the nails dry. Not good!

In contrast, Swipe works as both a cleanser and a dehydrator, removing dust, contaminants, and oil + grease from the nails. It is specially formulated to cleanse the nail plate without causing problems (like lifting) down the road.

Don’t you love it when we do all the nail research for you? If you want to learn about more nail products that really work, browse our website or get in touch! We truly take pleasure in talking to customers about nails + beauty!

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