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Hydrate Your Way to Beautiful Winter Skin

Hydrate Your Way to Beautiful Winter Skin

There are many beautiful things about the winter months: twinkling lights, bright moons, holidays, and festive gatherings with friends and family. One of the things that’s not so great about winter, however, is the dry skin that often plagues us during the colder months. To combat the cracked and flaky skin that comes with indoor heat & dry air, you need to get serious about hydrating your skin. In this week’s blog, we share our favorite forms of winter hydration.

Winter Hydration: Why It Matters

Let’s face it, dry and flakey skin just doesn’t look good. But properly hydrating your skin isn’t just a cosmetic issue. Most experts agree that winter hydration is also essential for protecting the oils and emollients that your skin naturally produces. Also, dry skin conditions like eczema can be made worse by winter’s dryness. Drinking lots of water and using a quality moisturizer will keep your skin healthy during the winter season.

The Best Hydrating Lotions for Winter

When selecting a moisturizer for your nail clients, you want to select a product that’s hydrating without benign greasy and that smells great without overpowering the user. Our top three lotions for winter hydration are Codi Tangerine Lotion, ibi Green Tea Lotion, and Cuccio Butter Blends Milk & Honey. Here’s why we love them:

Codi Tangerine Lotion

The citrusy scent of Codi Tangerine Lotion is perfect for the sun-starved winter months. This deeply hydrating lotion is pleasing without being overpowering, and the smoothing formula is especially perfect for hands, feet, elbows, and knees. During the holidays, consider investing in a case of Codi Tangerine Lotion so that your clients can take a bottle home with them! The 3.3 oz size is perfect for slipping into a purse and using when you’re on the go!

Ibi Green Tea Lotion

The refreshing, subtle scent of ibi Green Tea Lotion has become a cult favorite in salons around the country! This luxurious formula goes on smooth (not sticky!) and is free of parabens, benzophenone, mineral oil, and animal by-products. Instead, it’s packed with nourishing vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. Buy ibi green tea lotion in bulk so you can put a bottle at every station—your clients will thank you!

Cuccio Butter Blends Milk & Honey

If you want a nourishing skin hydrator that smells like heaven, try Cuccio Butter Blends Milk & Honey for hands, feet, and body. This rich blend of honey extract, vitamins, and natural hydrators will plump up and smooth the skin. This powerful little lotion makes a wonderful gift!

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