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Get in Fall 2021’s Nail Trend: Blooming Gel Color

Get in Fall 2021’s Nail Trend: Blooming Gel Color

As a high-end nail salon supply store, we’re always researching and experimenting with new trends in nail art, gel nail color, acrylic nails, and more. This month, we’re super excited about an artistic new trend in gel nail color: blooming gel. This trend is growing in popularity in nail salons across the world and nail techs are having a lot of fun trying it out.

In today’s blog, we give the lowdown on blooming gel: what it is, how to use it, which products will complement it, and more! Let’s get started!

What is blooming gel?

Blooming gel is a type of clear gel nail polish that causes the color placed on top of it to spread or “bloom.” By adding gel color on top of the blooming gel, you get a blooming effect much like dropping food coloring into water. Depending on how the nail tech paints on the gel color, the blooming gel can produce a look that appears marbled, watercolored, or even tie-dyed. For excellent results, we prefer the Blooming Gel by Mia Secret, paired with striper gel color.

How do I use blooming gel?

Here are step-by-step instructions for how to use blooming gel.

  1. Prep the nail as you usually would prior to the application of gel nail color. Don’t forget to care for those cuticles with a quality cuticle remover and cuticle pusher.
  2. Choose a solid gel color base of black or white and apply this to the nail, curing for 30 seconds after application.
  3. Once the base color is cured, apply your Mia Secret Blooming Gel. The more gel you add, the more of a “blooming” effect you will see. If this is your first time using blooming gel, start with a lighter coat of blooming gel.
  4. Once you’ve applied to the blooming gel, do not cure the gel. Instead, choose a striper gel color that will complement your base color and apply this strategically to the nail. Watch the color bloom.
  5. Once you have a blooming effect you’re happy with, cure the nail with an LED lamp.
  6. Finally, add your top coat.

What are a few popular blooming gel styles?

The fabulous thing about blooming gel is that there are so many possibilities! We’ve seen nail techs use it to create tie-dye designs, faux snakeskin designs, marbled designs, and more!

We also love the trending rose design in which the nail tech paints a sketch of a rose onto the blooming gel—the final result looks like a fully bloomed rose.

Whatever approach you decide to use, have fun and be creative! Here’s a little video by Mia Secret to help inspire you:

Have more questions about blooming gel? Or want someone to walk you through a tutorial on how to use it? Please get in touch! We truly love talking about all things nails + beauty!

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Beautifully Yours,
Kim Phan, VP



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