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Gel Color Removal Made Easy

Gel Color Removal Made Easy

There’s a reason gel nail color and nail dipping powders are so popular. They provide rich, lasting color that doesn’t chip, lift, or crack—for days (and sometimes weeks) on end. It’s hard to find that kind of quality with regular nail polish.

But, as anyone who has experienced the benefits of gel color will tell you, there’s one drawback: gel color can be really hard to get off your nails. Even though gel color lasts a long time, you will eventually have to remove it and start over as your nails grow. Some nail techs are happy to remove gel color for you, but others are not.

In today’s blog, we’re sharing a magical product that makes it a breeze to remove gel color and nail dipping powders.. Keep reading for all the details!

What is Mini Mani Moo Gel No More?

Friends of Nail Plus, meet the magical Mini Mani Moo product, Gel No More! This revolutionary nail product can do all of the following:

  • Remove one-step gel color in just two to three minutes.
  • Remove three-step gel color in five to six minutes.
  • Remove glitter nail polish in just sixty to ninety seconds!

And it does its magic without acetone or having to soak the nails. Even better, Mini Mani Moo makes this product two ways: in a pretty, 10 ml glass bottle with an application brush AND in a 120 ml bottle (used to refill your application bottle).

Who can benefit from Mini Mani Moo Gel No More?

For at home nail artists who do their own nails and their friends’ nails, this is a godsend. Now you can easily remove gel nail color and nail dipping powders without an extra trip to the salon (and without dealing with unpleasant acetone!).

For nail techs who own or work in salons, this is a dream come true. Now you can make clients happy by offering gel color removal, but you can do it in half the time and without damaging the client’s natural nail.

How do I use Gel No More?

Mini Mani Moon’s innovative product for removing gel color and nail dipping powder is really easy to use. Here’s how to do it:

  1. When you’re ready to remove your gel color or nail dipping powder, start by quickly buffing the top layer of gel.
  2. Next, apply one thick coat of Mini Mani Moo’s Gel No More. Let this coat sit for thirty seconds.
  3. Apply a second coat. For one-step gel color, wait two to three minutes for this step. For three-step gel color, wait five to six minutes.*
  4. Now, simply use a gel removal tool to scrape the color from your nails.
  5. Finally, buff the natural nail and moisturize!

If you have multiple gel layers or a three-step gel color manicure, you’ll need to repeat this process one more time. Even in that case, though, this is still the easiest gel color removal process we have ever seen. We hope you’ll find it as revolutionary as we have!

We love finding new products that make your nail art easier and more beautiful. If you want more recommendations on great products that really work, check out our full website or get in touch! Talking to customers about nails + beauty is our favorite thing to do!

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Beautifully Yours,

Kim Phan, VP



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